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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Announced

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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your GPU, you may want to take a look at a new offering from NVIDIA, as the company has today announced its newest addition – the GeForce GTX 670, with it aimed at being a competitor with AMD’s Radeon HD 7950.

As you may be aware, the GTX 670 is the third card in the Kepler series and takes its place just below the current fastest single GPU available on the market, the GTX 680.

The GTX 670 uses the same 38nm GK104 GPU that is found on the GTX 680, however it has been clocked at a lower speed which obviously means less performance, however it also means that the GTX 670 consumes less power that the 680.

Looking at the technical specification of the GTX 670, the card now features a 1344 stream processors against 1536 on the GTX 680. The core clock speed has been reduced from 1006MHz to 915MHz and the boost clock from 1058MHz to 980MHz. You’ll find that the GTX 670 has the same 2GB VRAM and 256-bit memory bus width. And as mentioned, because the spec has been toned down a bit, the GTX 670 has a power rating of 170W compared to 195W on the GTX 680.

When it comes to performance, the folk over at AnandTech have conducted some benchmark tests and have established that the GTX 670 is not that much slower that the top-dog that is the GTX 680. Now, considering that the GTX 670 will be priced at $399 that makes it a whole $100 less than the GTX 680. So is an extra $100 really worth the extra bit of performance you’d get with the 680?

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