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Nokia X7 Symbian phone: Specs leak ahead of launch

Despite recently signing a mighty deal with Microsoft to provide the hardware for its Windows Phone 7 OS, Nokia still clearly has plans to eke out every last drop from its own Symbian operating system before saying a final farewell. The company’s next Symbian offering, the Nokia X7, has just had its details leaked online in a promo video for Three mobile UK.

The X7 is due to be unveiled in London tomorrow, but Three has let the ball drop early, pointing out a raft of the phone’s official specs in a brief hands-on. Anything to get excited about? Well, firstly, Symbian has had a facelift, making it more touchscreen friendly and offering a landscape touch keyboard as well as a native web browser three ties faster than its predecessor.

There’s also an 8-Megapixel camera with HD video recording capabilities, and the full specs will be announced tomorrow. We would point you to Three UK’s video in the mean time, but it’s quickly been pulled.

UPDATE – Video was found:

Excited about the X7, or just want to wait for Windows Phone 7’s appearance? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.

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