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Nokia working on Galaxy Note 2 rival, images of Lumia ‘Catwalk’ phone leak online

Nokia may be looking to get into the phablet market in the near future as reports today hint that the Finnish company is looking to release a Samsung Galaxy Note 2-sized smartphone to rival the phone/tablet device that’s currently on sale.

Following along the lines of the Galaxy Note II, Huawei Ascend Mate, ZTE Grand Memo and the recently announced (and huge) Galaxy Mega, sources close to the Financial Times has stated that Nokia will also be entering the larger phone market.

The handset will be a phone/tablet crossover and will most probably be running the Windows Phone 8 OS with Nokia’s set of software additions including Nokia Maps and Nokia Music.

There is no information on what size this large screened phone would be but the Galaxy Note 2 is 5.5 inches and the rumoured next iteration of the device could size up to a whopping 6 inches, so Nokia will need to take this into account for its phablet.

Nokia seems to be really kicking up the gears on its smartphone production now after the successes of the Lumia handsets.

A leaked image of Nokia’s aluminium Lumia device codenamed ‘Catwalk’ has also found its way online, which shows that Nokia is looking to move away from its brightly coloured plastic designs for a more upmarket Lumia handset.

The Catwalk is designed as a Lumia 920 successor and the images of the aluminium bodied device have leaked in two images posted to Chinese site Baidu.

It’s all big news for Nokia and it could see the manufacturer return to its former glory as the king of the mobile phones… there is just those pesky Californians to deal with first!

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