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Nokia Sea-Ray Windows Phone 7 handset seen in ad?

Nokia’s future flagship handset and much rumoured Windows Phone 7 handset the Nokia Sea Ray got a small sneak peak over the weekend in a cheeky little advert that aired in between the X-Factor and Downton Abbey on ITV.

The trailer was only a short one, showing off one of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 device, but the video has found its way onto the internet courtesy of YouTube. Its not clear exactly what the handset is but its thought to be the upcoming Nokia Sea-Ray Windows Phone 7.5 handset.

Nokia Sea Ray Windows Mobile Phone

The Nokia “Sea Ray” is a 3.7-inch AMOLED screened sporting smartphone running off a 1.4Ghz processor with Windows  Mango, with an 8 megapixel AutoFocus camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 16GB of storage, 1540mAh battery

The Sea Ray is one of three handsets which are believed to be making an appearance on Wednesday this week, along with the Nokia “Ace” featuring a larger screen and bigger battery and the Nokia “Sabre” being a budget option with only 8GB storage and a 5MP camera.

All three handsets have had information “leaked” in the past few months but it’s now becoming clear that Nokia’s last great hope really does lie with Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system.

We can expect more on Wednesday when Nokia will hopefully announce the new handsets, but in the between now and then, check out the leaked advert.

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