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Nokia Normandy Android KitKat smartphone leaks online

When we all think of modern Nokia smartphones the first thing most people associate is the Lumia branding and the Windows Phone operating system. However, the company may be looking to change things up a bit as images of a Android Nokia phone have appeared online.

It’s been long-rumoured that Nokia has been tinkering about with the Android OS to produce a phone, but with the company’s heavy involvement and push for the Windows Phone operating system, many assumed that Nokia would stay with what it knows.

However, several recent leaks have shown that a new Nokia phone is set to arrive, deft of the Lumia tag and running Google’s Android OS.

Codenamed the Nokia Normandy, the prototype handset has been shown in a case (presumably to protect its true identity) and leaked on the Weibo social network, then tweeted by @seamissu. The handset is said to come sporting a modified version of Android KitKat as well as a 5-megapixel camera and a 854 x 540 touchscreen display. Theses details have appeared in an AnTuTu benchmark test and suggest that the handset won’t be an all-singing, all-dancing flagship handset and will instead populate Nokia’s vast budget handset range.

As with Nokia’s branding, the skin on the Android OS looks big, colourful and focuses on a pastel palette with simple designs. Underneath this, the Android OS will run – the images show the familiar android drag down notification bar at the top – and one of the big selling points for Nokia will surely be some of the big features from the Lumia brand of phones, namely the Nokia Maps, Drive and the camera apps.

Nokia has a major hold in the budget mobile phone market across the world, where historically the manufacturer has done very well, so this may well be the perfect area to test out its first Android handsets.

We are all expecting some sort of announcement regarding an Android Nokia phone at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this February.

Image via: @picturepan2

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