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Nokia Music+ launches in the UK – Offers music streaming for Lumia users

Nokia’s latest music project has finally landed in the UK, with the Finnish company’s new ‘Music+’ streaming service now available on Lumia Windows Phones across the country.

Nokia+ was announced a short while ago and has reached the UK before landing in the US, offering those with Lumia smartphones the option to subscribe for £3.99 per month to get access to music on the go.

You’ll be able to get access to the service by updating the already installed Nokia Music app on your Lumia phone through the Marketplace. We’re already big fans of the Nokia Music app – especially for its Gig Finder feature – but it’s now been made better again with new features, including Nokia+ and the ability to add gigs found with Gig Finder to your calendar.

By subscribing £3.99 per month Lumia users can have access to unlimited music streaming from Nokia’s collection, unlimited skips, no advertising, and the ability to create offline ‘mix radios’. These mix radios can be built on your Lumia device, consisting of favourite artists, albums and genres.

If you’re not sure whether Nokia+ is for you, then you can create an account and use a free 7 day trial to see what it’s all about. Once the trial expires you have the option to subscribe for £3.99 per month, which is less than half of the subscription you’d pay to get Spotify or Rdio on your smartphone.

Nokia+ isn’t the company’s first foray into music streaming; back at the height of Symbian’s success, the company launched a ‘Comes With Music’ scheme alongside the Nokia 5800, with PC software, unlimited music downloads and limited edition phones. That didn’t go all that well, but we can see Nokia+ being more popular thanks to the Windows Phone platform.

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