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Nokia Lumia EOS leaks – The 41 Megapixel PureView Windows Phone is real

We’ve been hearing rumours of Nokia shipping the incredible 41 megapixel camera sensor from its experimental 808 PureView phone into a Windows Phone – a device called the Nokia Lumia EOS. That phone has now been pictured with a rather large section of the back panel dedicated to the camera.

The phone sits alongside a Lumia 920 and features an almost identical glass front with the three touch buttons below the screen, as is normal for Windows Phone devices. The shell is again polycarbonate and is finished in glossy yellow – a colour and finish Nokia has used often for its flagship models. It’s only when the phone is turned over that things get really interesting.

A large, circular panel appears to be home to several components – a 41 megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss lens, a Xenon flash and LED flash are a likely trio of parts to be found here once the phone is fully assembled.

From the leaked images on WPDang we can also see that the phone features two metal contact points below the camera, which are likely to be for wireless charging – something Nokia likes to have as a feature in its high end Windows Phones.

A cross section of the EOS and Lumia 920 side by side reveals that the EOS’ rear camera causes quite a raised bump on the back, adding a fair bit of bulk to the phone. This is very similar to the Nokia 808 PureView which the phone is said to mimic, with the large 41 megapixel sensor simply being too big to fit flush inside the phone.

We’re told that Nokia will launch the EOS on AT&T in the US on July 9th, although we believe this to be the launch date rather than a retail launch. Hopefully we’ll find out more very soon.

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