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More Nokia Lumia 928 images leak online

Another day another Nokia Leak! Nokia have once again got a bit of a leaky ship as some more images of a supposed Nokia Lumia 928 has appeared online, just ad day after information surrounding a Nokia Phablet smartphone and the new Aluminium based Lumia Catwalk phone all leaked online.

The new images of the edited Nokia Lumia 928 is a much higher quality that the previously leaked images as it shows the Lumia handset in its full glory with a  Side, Front and back view of the 928.

The image has come courtesy of serial leaker @evaleaks on Twitter and it shows what looks like a full press shot image of the Nokia 928 Windows Phone 8 running smartphone.

Leaked image of Nokia Lumia 928 smartphone appears online

At the moment the specifications of the Nokia Lumia 928 are unknown but its thought that the handset will feature minor tweaks to the version of the flagship Lumia 920 smartphone to go on sale in the US via the Verizon Carrier.

There is no information on what the extra 8 in the 928 model number will entail, but rumours suggest that the Lumia 928 will have a xenon flash added to its 8-megapixel PureView camera, and possibly some changes to some of the internal specs, but it’s looking like a minor change just so another US carrier can ship the handset.

This is due to the Lumia 920 being locked into an exclusivity deal with Rival US carrier AT&T.

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