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Nokia Lumia 928 to hit the UK, Vodafone says

Vodafone has confirmed that Nokia’s next Windows Phone, the Lumia 928, will be coming to the UK. It has also become the first UK network to show its cards and confirm it will be stocking the phone.

Nokia is set to host an event on May 14th, where we’re told that the Nokia Lumia story will continue. The event will be taking place in London, UK, and today Vodafone got in on the act. In a post on its official blog, the network stated;

Yep, that’s right: we’re proud to be able to say that (even though our lips are firmly sealed ahead of the launch) Vodafone UK will be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story.

We were almost certain that the Lumia 928 would be a minor upgrade to the Lumia 920 that would launch exclusively in the US on Verizon Wireless, but now it would seem that the 928 will be a world release. At present no other UK network has confirmed it will be stocking the new Nokia.

The phone has become almost common knowledge in the tech world, and could well be in the running for worst kept secret. Images of the phone leaked via Twitter several times, followed by Nokia posting a picture of the handset on its own website. The Finnish company has since launched a video to highlight the camera performance of the Lumia 928 when stacked against rivals such as the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. A new video again showcasing the PureView rear camera has just launched, which you can check out below.

Of course, the rumours of another Lumia could also prove true. We’ve heard that a Lumia 925 will also be released. This is the phone codenamed ‘Catwalk’ that is reportedly built out of aluminium rather than Nokia’s preferred polycarbonate plastic. We’re hopeful that both will be shown off next Tuesday.

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