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Nokia Lumia 900 Batman Edition: Dark Knight Windows Phone Priced at £600 – or Free on Contracts

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Yesterday we found out that Nokia and Phones4 U are set to unleash the already incredibly cool Lumia 900 Windows Phone in variant Dark Knight Rises design and today we have a bit of an update on that story along with a price for the must-own gadget for comic book nerds!

The Lumia 900 with black finish and Batman motif embossed will be come in a stylishly complimenting packaging and will be limited to (co-incidentally) 900 units. The Windows Phone will include some bonus movie-themed features including wallpapers, ringtones and trailers. There’s also a game with connects with Foursquare allowing you to roam a virtual Gotham City.

The Dark Knight smartphone will be free from Phones4 U on contracts starting at £31 per month and will also be available without the network shackling for a Bane sized £599.95 – if you went already sold by the sheer geek cred involved here Phones4 U will also be throwing in a pair of tickets for when the Dark Knight Rises movie hits cinemas on July 18th if you buy anytime throughout June!

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Back in December a limited edition Batman themed Windows Phone emerged from the shadows and now Nokia and Phones4 U have confirmed they are collaborating on a sequel – the Dark Knight Returns on Lumia 900!

Celebrating the next and final instalment of the current blockbuster story arc – the Dark Knight Rises – which is eagerly awaited by comic book fans and movie goers alike, Nokia launched the variant Lumia 800 in a stylish matt black finish with iconic bat symbol embossed into the polycarbonate back casing. The presentation boxing of the device was equally awesome and feature the matt finish, logo and number. The must-own Windows Phone would make even The Batman himself blush beneath the cowl and it would perfectly compliment the utility belt of any budding super-hero. But it arrived on a very limited run of only 40 handsets and this edition quickly became “out of print”.

Nokia’s Lumia 900 Dark Knight smartphone, which will go on sale through high street chain Phones 4U, will also be a limited edition item and follow the same styling as the preceding tie-in model. The internals remain the same as the standard edition which was released in April.

The Lumia 900 hit the streets with many of those impressive high-spec features that wowed us on the Lumia 800. Meaning it comes with 4.3” display and Windows Phone 7.5 which runs off a 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU. This device is 4G / LTE supportive with an impressive 8GB of onboard RAM and an improved battery capacity which should support all of its advancements on the 800. We were fortunate enough to go hands-on with one of the elusive Lumia 900 handsets at the recent Gadget Show and you can check out our preview – Here.

However, neither member of this illustrious team-up has been able to give a stock quota, release date or price. As you know the Gadget Helpline love comic books as much as the Joker loves anarchy and we’re eagerly awaiting the Dark Knight Rises on July 20th – so we’ll be awaiting the signal and will bringing you all the latest on this must-have Gotham gadget!

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