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Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone Coming January 6th 2012?

Nokia’s wave of Windows Phones is kick starting its way into the UK mobile market as we speak, with successful sales and reported sell outs of new Finnish flagship the Lumia 800 giving Nokia fans a first taste of ‘Mango’ – the Microsoft operating systems much-hyped refresh. Coming along in early 2012 will be funky little sibling the Lumia 710, and that’s the model Nokia are already pushing in a new video just a few weeks after big bro’s launch. This is in anticipation of the device’s launch which thanks to the Lumia 710 marker page on Digital Phone website we can speculate to be around January 6th.

In a recent video the Lumia 710 is revealed with the ‘Amazing Everyday’ Mango mobile seen in action, with its Windows Phone interface and demonstrating the integrated social elements, YouTube and Nokia Maps contained within a fun and colourful frame – shown here in Blue and Pink, although the handset will also come in Black, White and Yellow once released.

Inside the stylish and youthful exterior the Nokia Lumia 710 is supported by a generous 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU, 512MB of RAM with 8GB storage. There’s a 5-megapixel camera for capturing those instant Facebook snaps, the shooter backed up by an LED flash and auto-focus. The Lumia 710 should have a lengthy lifeline supplied by 1300 mAh battery that equals around 6.9 hours call time and 38 hours of media playback and connectivity comes via Bluetooth and microUSB.

When the Nokia Lumia 710 was first talked of we predicted a SIM-free cost of around around £235 for the social-savvy smartphone, but no pricing has been confirmed and we should maybe brace for a January 6th launch, if the information on Digital Phone can be trusted. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for updates!

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