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Nokia Lumia 630 running Windows Phone 8.1 – Rumours and Speculation

Nokia is preparing to announce their latest in the long line of mid-ranged Lumia series, at the Microsoft BUILD Conference on April 2. The Lumia 630, which has been rumoured to run Windows Phone 8.1 by Coolxap, which will also be officially unveiled at BUILD. The Lumia 630 will be the first phone to launch with the new version of the OS, so it’s a big release for smartphone watchers and WP fans. A large amount of information surrounding this phone has emerged through leaks ahead of its launch.

So far, assuming the rumours are true, we know that it’s bigger than Lumia 620 Promo posters for the Nokia Lumia 630 in China showed us some specifications of the phone and it turns out the Lumia 630 will be bigger in display and size than the last-gen 620. It’s been revealed that Nokia is fitting in a 4.5-inch screen. However it’s said to have only a WVGA resolution.

So Nokia may have opted for a very low display resolution, but the Lumia 630 won’t be lacking for power. Again only rumours but they suggest it may come with Snapdragon 400 SoC, the same one seen on the Moto G, that’s four cores at 1.2GHz. It’s also got 1GB of RAM.

Then there’s the main selling point the improved Windows Phone software, the Windows Phone 8.1 software of the supposedly dual-SIM phone.  Rumoured to make big changes, such as the notification centre, improved camera interface, animation changes to the homescreen and of course the much-awaited Cortana voice assistant. The update surely puts Windows Phone on par with rivals and could revitalise the race behind Android.

Unfortunately rumours also suggest that the Lumia 630 won’t have an LED flash for its 5MP camera. One surprise is that there’s no physical shutter key, which was one of the mandatory hardware requirement on Windows Phone devices that Microsoft eased last year.

The Nokia Lumia 630 will look much like Lumia 625 as far as design is concerned. We get the same rounded curves along with a glossy finish. The phone supposedly measures 129.5 x 66.7mm, making it as tall as the former flagship Lumia 920.

Nokia will reveal the price of the Lumia 630 at BUILD on April 2, but a Chinese retailer says the phone will be priced at 1000 CNY or £150. At that price, the Lumia 630 will take on the likes of the Moto G and the HTC Desire 310, both fairly new in the market.

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