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Nokia Lumia 610 coming to the UK in June?

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Nokia has announced the latest and Windows Phone 7.5 sporting handset in the Lumia range , the Nokia Lumia 610 will finally get an official release date in the UK in June.

The handset was announced back in January at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona and since then the budget handset has appeared across Asia before it has received and official release in the UK and Europe.

The Nokia Lumia 61 will hit our European shelves in June and will offer a budget version to Nokia’s great implementation of the Windows Phone software. The handset will be the baby brother to all of the Lumia range including the 900, 800 and the 710 and will come with a reduced spec sheet to fit with its budget tag.

The Lumia 610 will offer the same Windows Phone experience that its Lumia family members but on a slightly smaller scale as the handset has a 3.7in screen, an 800MHz processor and 256MB of RAM alongside 8GB of storage space. Packed in will also be a 5MP camera –but there will be no front-facing camera for video calls.

The handsets will come with all of the Nokia features that make the Lumia range the best iteration of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 operating system including Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport and Nokia Music.

The handset is set to be released in June and users can expect a price of around £150 SIM free and for the handset to appear on numerous contracts free of charge as a budget handset. Nokia will be looking at the Lumia 610 as a stepping stone for the Lumia and Windows Phone 7.5 OS to launch people into the new user experience and get that Lumia brand out to customers.

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