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Nokia to launch new Lumia phone with even better PureView camera tech

Nokia’s beastly 41-megapixel 808 PureView was definitely a starting platform for a future of Lumia phones with incredible cameras. Following on from the impressive Lumia 920 is said to be a phone codenamed ‘EOS’, which will have an even better rear camera.

The Verge has learned that Nokia will be using a camera sensor that is very close to that of the 808 PureView, which should lead to its next flagship Windows Phone retaining the title of best smartphone snapper.

Exact details regarding the camera are scarce right now, but expect it to be even higher in the pixel count than ever before. We already know that Nokia will be launching a number of new Lumia Windows Phones this year, and the EOS is thought to the top dog in the range.

The source that revealed the information also confirmed that Nokia would be taking a break from colourful polycarbonate plastic bodies for the EOS, instead opting to craft it from aluminium. Nokia has stuck to brightly coloured polycarbonate unibody shells for its Lumia phones since the Lumia 800, so we’re intrigued to see how things will be different with an aluminium design.

The Verge’s source has confirmed that US mobile network AT&T will be stocking the phone come launch, for which a date hasn’t yet been revealed. Nokia’s annual Nokia World event is a good bet though, which usually takes place in September.

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