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Nokia invites us to “See Whats Next in Lumia range on 14th May

Nokia have sent out a host of press day invites to Tech companies inviting them to come to a UK based press event in London on the 14th of May where “The Nokia Lumia story continues” which points at the next handset in the Lumia line-up to be announced.

Now there have been numerous amounts of leaks and speculation in the past few weeks surrounding New Nokia devices including leaked images of a Nokia Lumia 928 smartphone and an Aluminium based handset.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is already tipped as a US based carrier (Network) variant for the Verizon network so we think we can rule that out of the London announcement but the aluminium bodied new Lumia could be the device to be announced.

Nokia typically only hosts event such as this for new Flagship handsets or overall new devices so we don’t expect to see just another Nokia Lumia ranged handset akin to the 620 or 720 but a brand new devices.

This could also point at the previously speculated Tablet/Smartphone “Catwalk” device that has been rumoured by Nokia in the past few weeks that would see Nokia releasing a Windows Phone 8 based Samsung Galaxy Note 2 rival device.

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However we think that Nokia will announce a aluminium based Lumia devices that will be thinner and lighter than its Polycarbonate 920 predecessors and with a slight hardware upgrade (Quad core processors!).

Nokia has planned a 14 May launch event for its next set of Windows Phone powered handsets. Invites have been sent out detailing the event with the words “The Nokia Lumia story continues” written across the top.

The announcement will be coming within the same week as BlackBerry’s Live event and the Google I/O meaning there will be a load of new tech to compare Nokia’s offering too.

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