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Nokia uses Foursquare in gift giveaway as part of Social Media Week

As part of Glasgow’s Social Media Week, Nokia has come up with a genius way of delivering some freebies to its loyal customers via the location-based social network Foursquare and micro-blog Twitter.

Glaswegian Nokia owners logging into the Foursquare app on their mobile will be awarded the give-away’s location, and the app acts as the tool to find it. Through the social software you’ll be able to find a Nokia Gift Machine. All you need then do is access Twitter and post the hashtag #NokiaConnects – your prize then pops out of the slot at the bottom. But act fast – there are only 1000 prizes out there!

Nokia marketing director says “”The Nokia Gift Machine is Nokia’s way of giving something back to the attendees of Social Media Week. Working with the very latest Foursquare APIs, as well as Foursquare’s various teams Stateside to help create this awesome piece of tech has been a fantastic experience and overall, we couldn’t be happier with the result.”


For a demonstration of how the Nokia Gift Machine works – Check out this video:

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