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Nokia E6 – Symbian “Anna” handset available for UK pre-order today

Pre-ordering for Nokia’s E6 mobile handset has now begun on the company website – with shipping to begin towards the end of June.

The updated E series mobile comes equipped with a superior 321ppi 2.46” VGA touchscreen, a vast improvement on the E72 from 2009. As well as touch control the handset also features the familiar QWERTY keyboard, 8-megapixel camera – five MPs higher than previous model – and running latest Symbian platform “Anna”.

The handset boasts a call time battery life of 14 hours and a staggering standby lasting up to a month – a perfect mobile for the outwardly bound go-getter.

The Nokia E6 is available for £339 Pay As You Go, or free on contracts from £25-per-month on Vodafone and T-Mobile networks. UK Pre-orders for the handset are being taken from today.

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Source: Nokia UK

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