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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says “Nokia is not for sale”

Nokia’s Chief executive officer Stephen Elop has once again taken to the press to deny new rumours that Samsung Mobile was preparing to place a bid in to buy Nokia’s Mobile phone business with elop expressly stating that the rumours are “completely groundless.”

Elop was talking on Thursday to The Wall Street Journal and stated that “Nokia is not for sale.”

In the past few month rumours of Nokia being sold to both windows and Samsung have arisen in the light of Nokia’s recent decline in mobile sales and popularity. The first instance of the rumours came regarding Microsoft buying Nokia to have as its Windows Phone 7 operating system’s main platform.

But in both cases Stephen Elop has subdued the rumours almost immediately and has stated that Nokia’s Cell business is not for sale.

So for now Nokia fans you phones are safe. For now.

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