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Noel Gallagher rants on riots – Oasis man blames the games

Backing the Evening Standard who initially blamed video games for the British riots last week, former Oasis star Noel Gallagher has gone on a mouthy tirade slamming the nation’s “brutal” forms of entertainment.

Noel Gallagher: Looking back in anger at last week's riots.

Talking to Yahoo! Entertainment, Gallagher (himself of Manchester, which was effected by the London riot’s overspill) spoke of this current “age of violence” saying “I don’t care what other people say: Brutal TV and brutal video games are a reason for this pointless violence as well.”

His words become choice, as he continues: “It’s crazy. It’s just violence for the sake of violence. The people who are at these riots aren’t poor. These are kids with f***ing mobile phones and all sorts of sh**. The police and government have to take drastic measures.”

The Evening Standard last week also blamed games, and in particular publisher Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto, for inspiring the terrible violence and destruction which shamed the country last week. Realizing its misguidance, a last minute edit of the rag’s front cover meant the claims never actually hit the news stand. But it seems many, including Gallagher, were quick to point the finger at our beloved video games.

He really does seem to know the youth culture of today, doesn’t he? Because of course he’s had so much relevance in it since the late 90s… Some Might Say his rant is just a little pretentious.

The Evening Standard quick edit which originally blamed GTA.

Your UK mobile networks are helpling police identify those involved in last week’s rioting and subsequent looting in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol – Check out the Gadget Helpline’s story on their efforts – here.

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