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Nintendo Wii U software update coming April – Upping the speed

Nintendo has revealed that it will be releasing a new software update to the Wii U console in April which will apparently greatly reduce the load time of the console and generally speed things up!

Two updates will be landing on the Wii U in April which are aimed to reduce all the wait times that customers are experiencing (and complaining about) when the console is starting up and when returning to the home screen, which means that switching between games, apps and the home screen will be greatly improved.

Nintendo announced the update in a YouTube Video where it compares the load up time of the older software verses the load up time of the new and incoming software. The video shows two consoles returning to the home screen from a game (New Super Mario Bros. U) and the new update takes approximately 8 seconds to return to the home screen in comparison to the current software, which is clocked at around 23 seconds in the video.

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8 seconds is still a lengthy time if you compare that to the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360’s respective return times but if you have a Nintendo Wii U then it will probably be seen it as a great improvement.

The update hasn’t got a specific date but it will land some time in April.

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