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Nintendo Wii U to get SNES and NES Virtual Console feature in spring update


Nintendo has confirmed that it will be launching a new Wii U Virtual Console service that will allow Wii U owners to play a host of classic Nintendo games in the future. Oh yes, the likes of Mario World, Starfox and many more classic NES and SNES games will be making a return to our living room TVs.

The service will launch in the spring as part of an update for the console and will bring a virtual console service that will allow games from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES and the Game Boy Advance to be played on the Wii U.

Games will be individually priced per console with the NES titles coming in at £3.49 per game, SNES games priced at £5.49 as a standard rate. Additionally, when the service launches Nintendo will be offering a discount that will see games priced at £0.99 and £1.49 respectively.

The update will be coming in the middle of  two other key software updates designed to address system performance issues as well as add new features such as the virtual console.

Nintendo has also confirmed that video on-demand services will be launching in European countries as well as promising to bring the Wii U on-demand services to Europe. The update will bring the new service to the Nintendo eShop this spring but that’s as close to an official release date as Nintendo has offered.

In regards to the outlined two system updates Satoru Iwata revealed that the first update will will make software load quicker and that the following summer update will get users back to the Wii U main menu more quickly.

So it’s good news all round for Nintendo Wii U owners and we personally cannot wait till the classic NES and SNES games are released on the Virtual Console.

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