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Nintendo Wii U priced under £200 at ASDA in the UK

With the Christmas and New-Year period very much over, Nintendo has started 2013 on a bit of a downer with the latest Wii U console not selling as well as many had expected. And with Sony announcing a brand new next generation PS4 console to hit the stores this year, Nintendo has a limited amount of time to get their console selling better.

The first step in this plan looks like a bit of a price war in the UK, as supermarket chain ASDA has placed the Wii U console on sale at its online Asda Direct website for a sub-£200 price for the first time since the Wii U has been on sale.

Customers can go online to get hold of the latest Nintendo offering and either have the console delivered or collect it in store for the bargain price of £199.99 for the 8GB Basic set, or £249.99 for the Nintendo Wii U Premium Pack with Nintendo Land.

ASDA, who are owned by US retail giant Wal-Mart, have lowered the prices online which has seen other shops such as ShopTo also lowering their prices to match the supermarket’s pricing.

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It’s not really fair to say that the Nintendo Wii U is struggling to find a hold as its initial sales will inevitably be comparable to the wildly successful Nintendo Wii console when it was released in 2006, but with the Q4 figures for Nintendo stating that the Wii U had sold 3.06 million units worldwide since October 2012 is not doing too badly.

The Wii U has suffered somewhat from the global economic recession and more importantly a lack of high-end games for the console, but with Nintendo working on the games front (alas, even Mario can’t help with the recession) with games such as Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, MarioKart, Super Smash Bros., a new Mario 3D game and the latest in the Call Of Duty franchise: Black Ops 2, things could soon be on the up.

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