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UPDATE: Priced – Nintendo Wii Mini coming to the UK on March 22nd

Nintendo’s newest home games console will be making an impact in the UK after all, landing on March 22nd. No, we’re not talking about the Wii U, we mean the Wii Mini.

Ninty revealed the shrunken down and simplified version of the older Wii shortly after the launch of the Wii U at the tail end of last year, though it only had plans to launch it in Canada for some reason.

Now the console is confirmed to be making the trip across the pond to entertain families and Nintendo fans in the UK, with a low, low price point to tempt us. In Canada the console sells for $99.99 CA, which translates to around £65 – a bargain price we’re sure you’ll agree.

The Wii Mini lacks the internet connectivity, an SD card slot and GameCube controller compatibility that the full-size Wii has, which helps Nintendo keep the price down. It features a completely new design that’s far from the Wii, sporting lightweight and matte red and black plastics and only two simple press buttons for power and disc ejection.

Other than those changes the console is identical in functionality and still uses the Wiimote motion controller and nunchuck, both of which come bundled in glossy red with the console.

UPDATE: Both Amazon and GAME have revealed their prices for the Wii Mini, with £79.99 looking to be the RRP. Other retailers including ShopTo are asking for £85.

We’re expecting the usual retailers to stock the Wii Mini here in the UK, but we’re still waiting for a price to be confirmed.

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