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Nintendo Account Goes Live in Japan as Club Nintendo Replacement

Nintendo of Japan has begun a test run of its successor to the beloved and recently ended Club Nintendo – a loyalty scheme called Nintendo Account.

The games maker’s Japanese website has announced the new Nintendo Account scheme which (from what we can translate) will be set up through an existing Nintendo ID or quickly and simply through social network accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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At present you will need a Wii U or 3DS bought in and registered to Japan in order to access the Nintendo Account benefits right now, and can get it through a console, computer web browser or trial-based app for smart devices. These benefits will include My Nintendo – a points system where credit is earned through purchases, similar to the previous Club Nintendo format, and also Miitomo – the recently announced social interaction tool and Nintendo’s first foray into the apps domain with mobile partner DeNA.

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Miitomo conversations will be computer generated (or “story pretend communication” – as it translates) and based on common interests between current friend lists or users can interact across the Nintendo Network. Chats can be held in various locations and the Mii avatars can be dressed in custom threads which will likely become available through redeeming of earned points.

Nintendo Account can also be used to buy games and digital content for your console through a smart device app. It seems fairly simple in that you browse the eShop, pick a game, make payment through the app and it will automatically download to the registered console.

Unfortunately there is no news yet on when the Nintendo Account scheme will arrive in the UK and Europe, but it’s early days and we weren’t even expecting to hear about it until early next year in conjunction with Nintendo’s next home console, currently codenamed NX.

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