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Nintendo 3DS Ice White Edition with Super Mario Land 3DS Less Than £130 Through Tesco Direct

It’s hard to type a blog with these numb hands from all the PS Vita we’ve been playing (sorry to rub it in if you haven’t got yours yet!) – But let’s not forget the other little contender on the portable market, the Nintendo 3DS. After having its own initial troubles getting going the 3DS is now back in a full sales swing and to keep momentum flowing and those unit shifting Tesco Direct has dropped the price of the “Ice White” edition of the Nintendo portable gadget, bundled with Super Mario Land 3DS game, down to just £129.91 – practically giving you the game for free!

The PS Vita launched for public sale in the UK last Tuesday at midnight and costing between £230 and £300, depending on your internet requirements, but for less than half of that fee non-serious gamers can enjoy the innovative Nintendo 3DS handheld with the much-anticipated debut of Super Mario on the console. It’s really a bargain not to be missed if you’re into the colourful and casual gameplay that is the Nintendo tradition.

And a reminder of what the gadget has to offer – as well as the gaming you can hook up to a Wi-Fi connection allowing access to the eShop and a range of classic titles for GameBoy and classic DS as well as utilising social sharing software StreetPass as well as the recently announce SwapNote messenger – and of course there’s the eye-watering 3D element to add a new depth to playtime.

Grab yourself a £34 saving on the Nintendo 3DS Ice White Edition, with Super Mario Land 3DS through the Tesco Direct website from today!

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