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NFC version of Samsung Galaxy S II coming to UK in June

Despite the Samsung Galaxy S II being a flagship handset with the highest specs around and every feature bar the kitchen sink, it’s missing one next-gen piece of tech – NFC (or Near-Field Communications).

We’re not quite sure why this feature was omitted from the S II, especially given everything else that’s on board, and with NFC taking off recently. However, Samsung has confirmed that a new version of the Galaxy S II, complete with an NFC chip for NFC capabilities, will be heading the UK this June.

The news was apparently confirmed by two Samsung support staff recently, who confirmed that a newer model featuring NFC will be shipping to the UK in June. We’re unsure if Samsung will market the NFC-toting version as a different product, or whether the new models will just filter into the market unannounced.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the fabled NFC-enabled Galaxy S II and keep you posted.

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