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NFC capable smartphones coming soon from HTC, ZTE and Sharp

It looks as though we could be seeing an influx of smartphones carrying the new wireless NFC capability in the very near future, as HTC, ZTE and Sharp have all pledged to add the tech to their future products.

Both Sharp and ZTE have signed up to the ‘NFC Forum’ at an associate level, while Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has been added as an ‘NFC implementer’, meaning they will be including NFC chips in their future smartphones.

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a pretty new technology. It allows wireless interaction between mobile phones and almost anything else that has NFC in it – from speakers to other phones to signs and stickers.

Nokia are currently pushing NFC a lot, with the new NFC-toting Nokia 603 phone announced today and the addition of NFC tags in the Museum of London a few months back. Nokia already has several smartphones on the market with NFC capabilities, such as the C7 and Nokia 700.

HTC has promised in the past that it would be including NFC in future products, though we are still yet to see any new NFC-capable smartphones, even though a whole range of new products recently came out, including the HTC Sensation XL and XE.

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