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Nexus-like Motorola ‘XFON’ phone leaks with stock Android on board

We’ve been hearing rumours of a new high end Android phone from Motorola for months, with the name ‘X Phone’ coming up numerous times. Now what is thought to be that phone has appeared in pictures, with a sticker on the back referring to it as ‘XFON’ – could this be Moto’s next big move?

The leak comes courtesy of those serial phone finders over at @evleaks, and going by their excellent track record we’re inclined to believe this is the real deal.

Labelled as ‘XFON ATT’ and with the myAT&T app visible in one of the pictures, it appears that this particular model is headed for US network AT&T. However, being a flagship phone, it should come to most networks around the world, we would imagine.

It’s clear from the pictures that the phone has been put into a generic and square black case to hide its true identity – Samsung-style – but if you look closely, it seems that the phone features curved edges that are very akin to the design of the Nexus 4. Could this be the next Nexus?

That question is made even more valid when you notice that the phone is running stock Android, with no Motorola apps or skins in sight. Whilst it could well be a Nexus phone, Motorola’s design chief Jim Wicks did recently allude to Motorola going for stock Android in the future, so these images could depict Motorola’s first departure from skins, pre-loaded apps and Motoblur.

As the pictures are taken close-up, we can’t tell much else about the phone and its form factor. It’s thought that the screen will be an Xperia Z-matching 5-inch Full HD panel, and it appears that it runs all the way to the very edges of the phone’s casing. Subtle Motorola branding is spotted in the top left of the case, and the very latest version of the Google Play Store also looks to be on board.

Perhaps we’ll find out more about the XFON later this month at Google’s I/O Developer Conference.

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