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Netflix Adds Post-Play Feature to Android App

Y’know when you’ve just finished that first episode of an all exciting new series and you want to watch the next one right away? You don’t want to have to take the time to search for it; you want it to play straight away! Well Netflix has now added a Post-Play feature to its Android application so you can do exactly that!

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Post-Play which has been available on other platforms for a while, will allow the next episode of a series to play after the initial episode has finished on Android devices. The feature isn’t just limited to series’. It also plays a recommended or similar film straight after yours has finished.

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Post-Play will be available on all Android devices running version 4.0 or later, this includes Kindle Fire’s. The feature will be added via an update, so make sure to keep an eye out for that update notification on your device!

Chromecast has also been confirmed to be receiving Post-Play support from Netflix, although it isn’t yet official as to when we can expect the update.

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