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Mozilla Firefox 7 Browser Now Available for Windows and Mac

Mozilla has announced a shiny new version of their very popular Firefox browser for both Windows and Mac users.

It’s only been six weeks since Mozilla released Firefox 6, but they’ve made so many improvements since then, they felt the need to release a major update.

Firefox 7 is now available to download for Mac and PC, and while it lacks in visible new features, it certainly makes up for with speed, stability and various other “under the hood” improvements.

Mozilla say the most notable change in Firefox 7 is “drastically improved memory handling”. This should mean that the Firefox browser doesn’t hog your system’s resources quite as much, leaving your PC free to capably perform other tasks such as email, word processing and music playing.

Other speed-related improvements have been made to help propel Firefox up the charts in the most popular web browser stakes. According to recent studies, Mozilla Firefox stands as the second most used browser software, second to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

We’re impressed by Mozilla’s dedication to keeping up with the fast-moving pace of the web-browser world, and releasing a new browser once every month to six weeks is great for their users.

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