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Motorola to reveal ‘X Phone’ with Android Key Lime Pie at Google I/O

Google could be set to reveal the first physical fruits of its Motorola acquisition in May at the annual Google I/O conference, with rumours of a Motorola-made ‘X Phone’ circulating.

We recently heard that LG would continue its partnership with Google by creating the Nexus 5; a 5-inch Full HD smartphone to run the next version of Android. Recent rumours suggest that Google-owned Motorola will be manufacturing a different flagship phone, which is currently known as the ‘X Phone’ to Google employees.

Droid Forum reports that the X Phone will usher in the next version of Android – dubbed Key Lime Pie – and will be the first product to really promote the fact that Google and Motorola are working together.

Motorola’s excellent and attractive edge-to-edge screen design from the recent RAZR M phone is said to be present in the X Phone, albeit on a much larger 5-inch, Full HD display. Other information on the rumoured handset is scarce, and we’re advised by Droid Forum to not take the information to heart, due to the anonymity of its source;

“Please take this rumour with a grain of salt, because we couldn’t find any other info across the web to back it up; however, if it is just a fan-boy’s imaginings, it seems very logical and well-developed”

We’re taking this rumour with a hefty pinch of salt, mostly for the fact that the phone is said to launch at I/O in May – Google has an unmarked history of launching only one phone alongside a new version of Android, and that will be a Nexus phone. A phone from Google and Motorola is still a possibility of course, but we don’t think it will be gatecrashing Google’s annual event.


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