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Motorola Razr steps out on O2 contract – But no trim down on the price

Motorola’s newly re-designed Razr mobile handset is out and about on the O2 UK network, available on contracts from today. But it’s not gonna be cheap..

The Motorola Razr range started off in 2003 and this “incredible thin” latest edition, also known as the Droid Razr in the States, comes packing Android 2.6 Gingerbread (with option to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich soon). The processing power comes via a 1.2 GHz TI OMAP4430 CPU and the mobile boosts a generous 1GB of onboard RAM.

So, onto those tariffs – You can grab your new Motorola Razr free-of-charge along with unlimited texts and call time minutes, as well as 500MB data allowance for a hefty contract commitment of 24-months and a just as hefty £57-per month. Upping your monthly payment to £68, you can grab the Razr on an 18-month contract with the aforementioned data, text and minutes and for £72, you can have all this and double your data.

At the lower end of the price scale is the £41 deal which delivers the Motorola Razr for a one-off payment of £80 on a 24-month deal with 900 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of internet data.

Some frightening fees, but if you do fancy treating yourself to the Razr this Christmas it’s up for grabs now through shop.o2.co.uk

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