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Motorola Milestone 2 Announced

Remember when back when we told you about the Motorola Droid 2 that wasn’t coming to Europe? Well it is, just under the guise of the Motorola Milestone 2.

The Milestone 2 will run on Android 2.2 (Froyo) with the Motoblur user interface over the top. As with alot of recent smartphones, the Milestone 2 will be powered by a 1GHz processor. Storage-wise you’ll get a standard 8GB onboard, and an expansion slot to add more if you so wish.

On the rear of the device you’ll find a 5MP camera, with capabilities of shooting 720P HD video. You’ll also be able to share your video via DNLA across your home WiFi network. The Milestone 2 has the ability to be used as a mobile hotspot, allowing you to connect up to 5 devices at a time to use the web from.

Of course though, this will be using fairly extensive data and may cause you to incurr tethering costs, so check with your network before you let 5 mates stream HD movies from your phone.

With the Milestone 2 running Android 2.2, you’ll get Flash 10.1 implementation, meaning of course you can stream media from youtube and the like while on the go.

The major difference in appearance between the original Milestone and the Milestone 2 is that the Navipad has been omitted in the new design. Motorola have favoured pc keyboard style cursor keys, which should be more user friendly and give a better tactile response.

The Motorola Milestone 2 should be available in the UK in Q4 of 2010, so in plenty of time for Christmas. Moto haven’t confirmed which networks will be offering the Milestone 2.

Via: Gizmodo

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