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Motorola debuts a new Google and Nexus-styled company logo

As part of Google’s ongoing assimilation and kick up the bottom for its now acquired Motorola, Moto has officially changed its logo for the first time in years, including a new “a Google Company” tagline.

In May 2012 Google purchased Motorola for a massive $12.5 billion and has since then set about selling off unwanted areas of the electrical manufacturer’s business and sorting out some of the ongoing issues the company had – the lawsuit with TiVo, for example) and minimised the massive workforce and closed down many of Motorola’s 94 offices.

Seemingly though, Google and Motorola are ready to step into a new era for one of technology’s oldest companies, as the new branding will not only update the Motorola image but it brings the brand in line with Google’s own brand management. The old style red surrounded M has been removed and it is now circled by a host of colours in a much more cheery Google fashion.

The rainbow circle and grey M logo are then capped off with the “a Google company” tagline to make sure everyone knows who is now in control of Moto.

The logo made its debut on the website for the Techweek conference which is taking place in Chicago from Friday onwards and it’s where we are sure to learn more on what Motorola and Google have to offer in the coming months.

The logo has since been removed from the website, presumably so as to keep things secret a little while longer.

We hope that Motorola can see a re-birth in the smartphone market in the months to come and if anyone knows much

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