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Motorola Atrix advert banned by Samsung over “World’s Most Powerful Smartphone” claim

Samsung has stolen the wheels of Motorola’s proverbial wagon, forcing the Atrix maker to withdraw its UK advertisement – which claims that its Android-running mobile model is the “World’s Most Powerful Smartphone.”

The Advertising Standards Authority got involved and has now banned the ad for breaching rules of substantiation after Samsung slammed Motorola’s Atrix claims, declaring its own Galaxy S II as true title holder. And Sammy’s got a point.

The Motorola handset indeed has some impressive spec, muscling up with a dual-core NVIDIA Tigra 2 CPU weighing in at 1GHz – but Samsung’s “Super-Smart” mobile tips the scale with its dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 running at a beastly 1.2GHz. Even previous Galaxy S model fared better than the Atrix, itself also carrying a 1.2GHz processor.

Motorola was quick to back-peddle, suggesting that the claim didn’t entirely mean the mobile’s processing capabilities, but also took into consideration the Atrix’s battery superiority and advanced security. Impressive features, but back-peddle and revise as they might these details don’t reinforce Motorola’s inflated ideals of being the “World’s Most Powerful.” – To most it’s all about engine size, not matter how well you advertise it.

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