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Motorola X leaks in black and white, details on ‘Magic Glass’ revealed

The Motorola X Phone has to be up there with the worst kept secrets in tech history and whether Motorola likes it or not, we already know quite a lot about the future flagship before its official unveiling, which is scheduled for August 1st.

Numerous leaked images have left little to the imagination when it comes to the phone’s design – heck, even Google’s Eric Schmidt was openly photographed using the white model – but just in case we were in any doubt, Evleaks has revealed both the white and black versions in a final press image.

The image clearly reveals the intriguing dimpled pattern which adorns the phone’s rear panel, which itself looks to be curved perfectly to fit the palm of your hand, a la HTC One. It’s also easy to spot the iPhone-like pop-out SIM tray, button layout and the almost stock-like Android interface, which is our favourite aspect.

Aside from the leaked images, Taylor Wimberly has revealed new details on the phone’s build. Wimberly previously wrote for Android And Me and doesn’t divulge where he got the information from, but shares information on the tough sheet of Gorilla Glass which curves round from the front to the back. Motorola will apparently call this ‘Magic Glass’, which makes it all the more interesting.

He also claims that Moto uses a special laminated aluminum structure, which allows the phone to be both tough and lightweight. The Magic Glass will link up with the structure to make the phone a tough cookie, we’re told.

Aside from some very interesting design elements and production methods, we know that Motorola has put a lot of work into making the phone’s software unique and intuitive. We’ve heard of software which allows the X to be ‘always listening’, which makes for easy to use voice control without the need to press a button to get started.

The Moto X will be revealed officially on August 1st and we’ll be bringing you the latest as it happens.

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