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Morse Code Hidden in Call of Duty Website Confirms Black Ops 2 Name

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With the countdown timer to the Call of Duty world reveal almost down to 3 hours remaining, the title for the next game has already been revealed. While we thought we knew it would be Black Ops 2, some clever code breaking has now confirmed it.

The Call of Duty official website contains a loading page which some may never see, and some will see for a split second. When slowed down, we see a white circle on a black background, with the top half of the circle splitting into pieces.

Games website Kotaku looked carefully at the pieces of the circle and noted that they resembled morse code, with dots, dashes and spaces. We’ve put the sequence through an online morse code translator and just look at the result we got – BLACKOPSTWO.

The title for the game was leaked a while back in a post on the Call of Duty forums, along with an epic amount of information on multiplayer modes, weapons, killstreaks and more.

We’re currently sitting tight and awaiting the world reveal of this year’s game, which is sure to again break records. We know the launch date, too, thanks to an over-zealous U.S retailer leaking pictures of reservation cards for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game – that date is November 13th.

It’s also likely that the game will be set in the future – something that we have figured out from a steady feed of clues that Activision has fed us through the Call of Duty website. We’ve seen top gamer Tacitus playing with an armed quadricopter on video, at the end of which he tells us that we won’t see this sort of advanced weaponry for years to come, although it might just be in the next Call of Duty game.

Another clue reads “The future isn’t as far off as most people think – We’re not ready for it”.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll find out when the first ever trailer for the game airs during the first round of the NBA Playoffs, in about 4 hours time. Stay tuned!

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Via: Kotaku

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