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Mobicool F16 15 litre Mini Fridge Cooler review

The modern gadget world is full of technology designed to make things smaller, faster, quicker and most importantly easier, and whilst we are all pining over the latest smartphone it’s sometimes the simpler things we miss out on, like a nice cold drink at the end of our day!

Our good friends over at MiniFridge.co.uk have sent us over one of their Mobicool 15 litre Mini Cooler Mini fridges to test and chill our world with, and we’ve had a ball testing out the features of the funky mini cooler.

Upon receiving the fridge we removed it from its tidy packaging to reveal the 26.5cm x 49.5cm x 27cm sized fridge and its retro design. The fridge is made out of a tough, glossy finished plastic and fits nicely under a desk, in the front room or it could be the perfect addition to a camper van.

Assembly was easy, as a provided 2 pin power cable was all we needed to connect to the mains, and then a flick of the Cold/Off switch and the option between Eco and Max and we had the Mini fridge up and running.

The door has a magnetic catch and comes with reversible hinges, plus hand holds on either side to allow easy opening no matter what side you have the hinges on. You will generally find people will try to open the fridge the wrong way as they see the first hand hold available, but immediately out of the box we reversed the door to the opposite side as that was our preference. The reversal took only a few minutes and all we needed as a Phillips screwdriver.

Inside the fridge you get 15 litres of space plus two shelves, one of which can be split into two half shelves so you can store a range of large products in your Mini fridge. We went for the classic 2 full shelves look as we were only storing lunchbox-related stuff, but you can easily have the two half shelves to cool down a larger bottle of water or a lengthy Toblerone, or if you remove all of the shelves you can easily store 2 litre drink bottles, wine bottles and up to 4 tall champagne bottles.

To put a size reference on the 15 litre space inside of the Mobicool F16, we were able to fit an impressive (well, we were impressed with ourselves) 25 cans of coke into the fridge with a little bit of tweaking, which is two cans less than the recommended 27 standard sized Cola cans that the manufacturer states. Whilst it was fun to see how many cans we could get in things were a little crowded, which evidently meant more time to cool things down. Nevertheless, you can easily fit a six pack of 330ml cans on one shelf with ample room left over.

With the simple control structure of the Mobicool F16 you get a Max and Eco mode, but realistically for the use of the fridge that’s all you will need. Eco provides a cool storage space for things like lunches, dips and fruit whereas Max will chill anything you put in there to a fridge like temperature, so it’s ideal for drinks, milk and meat storage (for a short period that is!)

The F16 is available in four colours to suit your décor: Dark Blue, Acid Green, Red and our colour of Sky Blue. What’s more, the Mobicool F16 is an eco-friendly device which is 100% CFC and HFC-free and uses the latest thermoelectric technology to keep your eco-conscience clear.

We loved using the Mobicool F16 and it has now become as much a part of our work desk as the PC monitor and our coffee cup.

You can pick up the Mobicool F16 from Minifridge.co.uk in any of the 4 colours for around £75 or take a look at the silver 15 litre Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge as an alternative, which is portable and can be switched to heating mode as well.

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