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Missed “Early Access” to Android ICS on HTC Sensation & Sensation XL? Get the ROM now!

If you’re a HTC Sensation or Sensation XL owner in the UK and Europe but so far haven’t been so lucky enough to be invited to try out the Early Access beta of newest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich – fret not. Those kind folk over at Insert Coin have developed a ROM that’ll let you get the tasty Google update right now!

The Taiwanese tech maker is in the process of a trial roll out for the latest Android ahead of the full scale assault on all HTC gadgets previously announced for the platform (which you can check in full in a previous article) and the select few will be able to test updates and improvements before the general public who will get their tasty update in the next few months.

If you’re one of those impatient type, there are “alternate” methods of obtaining the update ahead of time. But before you go in all guns blazing to grab yourself some free early sammish – be warned. The Insert Coin website states in a disclaimer that the “ROM is provided as is, without warranties or official support. You flash it because you want to, nobody forces you to do this” – meaning this one is strictly for the experienced mobile software tinkerers and we, like the ROMs creator, suggest that amateurs need not try to install this Android 4.0 unofficial upgrade of it could be very damaging to the use of your HTC handset. The Gadget Helpline also doesn’t claim any part in any foul-ups. We’re simply providing those skilled enough with a hook-up!

If you think your skills are up to it, take a look at the full details of the Android 4.0 ICS build at the Insert Coin website – but please, read it properly before giving it a try – Here.

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