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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Delayed, Still Not Hitting UK Consoles


Microsoft’s huge autumn update to the Xbox 360 dashboard has hit a big bump, missing its 3pm UK launch schedule and leaving countless gamers in the lurch.

Just 30 minutes before the update was due to roll out to Xbox 360 owners in the UK, Microsoft’s head honcho of console gaming Major Nelson sent out a tweet to confirm there was a problem with the update.

FYI: The timing for Xbox 360 dashboard update has been slightly delayed,” he wrote. “I’ll have a status update later today.”

“Thanks again for your patience. I won’t have additional details until later today. The moment I have new information, I’ll share it w/ you,” Mr Nelson added.

The update was due to change the user interface of the console’s dashboard, giving it a similar tiled theme to that of Windows Phone. Microsoft’s Kinect accessory will also be improved thanks to the update, with voice recognition being improved upon heavily. Users will soon be able to speak voice commands in order to search the web for video content.

Along with the UI change and Kinect improvements, Microsoft will be bringing a huge bundle of entertainment apps to the console. Catch-up TV and video services will be added, including LoveFilm and MSN Videos in the UK, with Channel 5 on demand coming later this month and a BBC iPlayer app arriving early next year.

Major Nelson has again tweeted about the delay, with news not looking favourable for those UK gamers hoping to get a taste of the update before bedtime today.

We are still working to get the release out. Stay tuned, we’ll have an update this afternoon (PT) on when it will begin rolling out.

This member of the Gadget Helpline has been patiently waiting for the update to hit since earlier this evening with no luck. I can’t wait to try out LoveFilm and that swanky new style!

Have you got your console updated? Let us know as soon as you do.

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