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Microsoft’s Kinect is caught on video used as surgical aide

Here’s proof that Microsoft’s Kinect is truly cutting edge – as today we’ve seen the motion control system, most familiarly known as a fun gaming novelty, amazingly used as a functional aide in surgical procedures.

The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada has demonstrated in a video how they’ve been introducing Xbox 360’s Kinect into the operating theater to prevent touching “dirty things” when working between patient and computer – this cuts out handling a keyboard and mouse, which may contain germs and breaking the sterile field.

Whilst operating, the “inside view” of the patient appears on screen but the revolutionary motion control sensor receives a surgeon’s hand gestures and allows them to examine scans without having to spend crucial time washing and sterilizing hands between every trip to the CT viewer. This help to seriously cut down the risk of anything nasty breaking the sterile field and reaching a patient.

We think you’ll agree that this is remarkably innovative and shows that Microsoft’s Kinect can be used for more than just playtime!  Be sure to leave your tweets and comments on the Official Gadget Helpline Twitter as well as our Official Facebook page!

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