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Microsoft Windows Smartwatch Christmas release?

Rumours are once again circulating about a secret Microsoft smartwatch being produced in the quiet, presumably in a factory based in Antarctica by small elves, that’s the only way I can explain the lack of leaks. Rumours of a Microsoft smartwatch have been circulating for a while it was once pegged to be out in the summer of 2013 so takes this with a pinch of salt.

Forbes have claimed that sources close to the product revealed to them that the windows-based smartwatch could be released “in the next few weeks”, they didn’t stop there though, it goes on to say the watch will have health-tracking features including a passive heart-rate monitor and will also be open across multiple mobile platforms.

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That’s an interesting concept, currently Android Wear is limited to Android phone and the Apple iWatch will be tethered to iOS. So if the Microsoft watch truly works on all it could be the go too as it would mean you wouldn’t need to change your watch when you changed your phone. It also makes sense as their share of the phone market is not comparable to the number of android and iOS devices on the market.

Supposedly it will launch first and then hit stores to “capture the lucrative holiday season”, says the news resource. This will put them ahead of Apples 2015 launch, Microsoft will want to have grabbed market share before then.

Rumours have been few and far between so I’m a little wary of this leak, A Windows watch was first rumoured back in early 2013, but then nothing was seen or heard until a year later when a patent appeared online. This patent was for a “smartband” take form that what you will, fingers crossed we will know more in the coming weeks and if this is true I want to know how they keep their ship so watertight.


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