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Microsoft Windows 8 – Leaked images reveal ribbon interface will feature

A first glimpse at Windows 8 interface has been leaked onto the internet with the operating system rumoured to launch early 2012 and sporting a sharp new look which utilises the Microsoft’s recent ribbon user interface.

Most of us who use Microsoft products will have seen the graphical bar at the top of some programs which has gradually been introduced to the Office range of software since 2007 and this handily replaces the click and drop-down menus of old with visible icons and easy to navigate tabs.

Window 8 Leaked - Ribbon User Interface will feature.

It’s not just the Windows Explorer element that’s had a makeover – the log-in screen is now reminiscent of that of little brother, the Windows Phone 7. Initially thought that this feature of Windows 8 was a hoax (this news emerged on April 1st) it’s now been confirmed in the new snaps.

In other Windows 8 news, following up from our previous article that Microsoft were looking at borrowing Apple iOS’s “Time Machine” feature, rumour has now surfaced that the next Windows will indeed carry such a feature to be titled “History Vault”.

These leaked images leave much to the imagination, but at least it’s something to get excited about – Windows 8 is on its way!

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