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Microsoft Wants its Own time Machine for Win 8

According to Microsoft-based leak/rumour site Winrumors, Microsoft is bringing in an update version of the eponymous system restore utility known as the History Vault.

Suprisingly similar to Apple’s Time Machine for the OS X, albeit without the douchey name, the application backs up data and files automatically using a function known as Shadow Copies, and then uses those copies to restore the computer to an exact moment in time.

Of course this is going to start the usual spate of bitching between hardcore Mac fans and straight laced Windows users, but put that all aside and in fairness this is still a nice feature to have.

Windows 8 has been in the rumour mill and Microsoft’s development for a couple of years now, and the OS is by no means ready at the moment, although a Windows 8 build has been shipped out to key MS partners.

Hopefully it might even be better than Windows 7, an OS that brought some credibility back to Microsoft after the failure that was Vista. Although, some say Microsoft’s cursed to build a doomed operating system every other try… so maybe we might have to wait for Windows 9. Or we could start acting like sensible people and stop believing in curses..

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