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Microsoft suspends the Windows Phone 7.8 update process

Microsoft has temporarily put the brakes on the rollout of its Windows Phone 7.8 update for older Windows Phones, due to finding a glitch in the newer software.

The update has been gradually making its way to the first generation of Windows Phones that initially launched with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software. These include the Nokia Lumia 900 and 800, as well as others from Samsung, HTC and ZTE.

CNET claims to have received confirmation from Microsoft that for the time being updates will be put on hold and no more phones will be upgradable until a fix is put in place for the problem.

The problem in question isn’t a major issue and is referred to as only a “minor glitch”, and so after a little bit of tinkering the update process will continue to roll on across the globe as planned.

Windows Phone 7.8 is a software update that aims to bring some of the features from the new Windows Phone 8 system to older phones currently stuck on Windows Phone 7. Microsoft hopes to make up for the fact that older Windows Phones, including top-end models like the Nokia Lumia 900, won’t be getting the new Windows Phone 8.

The update includes the new resizeable live tiles, new backgrounds and ringtones and various other improvements. To check for the update you’ll need to head into Settings > About > Software Update.

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