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Microsoft Surface Pro release date and price for UK confirmed

Microsoft has confirmed that the Surface Pro with Windows 8 will finally be coming to the UK from May 23rd, priced from £719.

We’ve had the Surface tablet with Windows RT for a while now and Microsoft will be bringing its full Windows 8-toting buddy over to our shores to join it next week. This is the latter of the two tablets that Microsoft revealed alongside Windows 8 last year, and offers an experience more akin to a laptop than a tablet.

Two versions will be available come next week; a 64GB and a 128GB, priced at £719 and £799 respectively. Of course, you won’t be getting anywhere near the advertised storage space due to the large nature of Windows 8 and other software that comes pre-installed, which is something Microsoft has come under fire for in the past.

Both tablets are powered by the speedy Intel Core i5 processor and feature a 10.6-inch Full HD display which can be used with a stylus, which Microsoft hopes will make them appealing to designers and illustrators.

However, Microsoft has confirmed that the Surface Pro will not be coming supplied with a keyboard cover of any sort. The Surface RT has recently been offered with a free keyboard by some UK retailers, presumably in an attempt to boost sales, so we could see the same thing happen with the Surface Pro in the near future. Otherwise, the touch keyboard accessory will cost you £99 extra, whilst the type keyboard (more akin to a proper keyboard) will be available for £109.

If you’re based elsewhere in Europe, the Surface Pro will launch on May 30th.

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