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Microsoft and Nokia to Reveal First Windows 8 Phone on September 5th

Nokia and Microsoft will be holding a joint media event on September 5th, where the two companies are expected to launch the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

The date had been pinned for such an event twice before by unofficial sources, and now Nokia have confirmed it’s going ahead. Nokia’s jolly CEO Stephen Elop spoke of the new OS earlier in the week, saying that a new smartphone running Microsoft’s new OS would soon be unveiled.

September 5th marks exactly one week before Apple’s rumoured September 12th media event, where it is believed the iPhone 5 will be revealed. Rivals Apple and Microsoft both have a new smartphone operating system ready to roll, but the difference is that Microsoft will be using Nokia to launch its software on a pedestal – Apple does everything in house.

Apple has already revealed the software that will be used on its next iPhone – iOS 6 – but, as with Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8, will be keeping it to itself until the first phone to use it is launched.

The event will be held in New York on September 5th, which will be at the same time as Nokia’s annual Nokia World event, which takes place in Helsinki, Finland, on September 5th and 6th. It’s not yet clear exactly whether Nokia’s first Windows 8 phone will be at both events or just the joint media event with Microsoft.

We may have already seen the first Windows 8 phone from Nokia, when a bright yellow prototype popped up online. The handset bears the same style as the current Lumia 800 and 900, with a very bright polycarbonate body and curved glass on the front. We don’t expect Nokia to stray too far from the path when it comes to the design of its second generation of Windows Phones, and we expect them to still fall under the Lumia brand name.

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Via: The Guardian

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