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Microsoft first major upgrade for Windows Phone set for later half of March

After much delay (and little explanation) Microsoft have finally stated that the later half of March will see the first big update for Windows Phone, bringing the long-awaited copy and paste feature to the Windows handset after being postponed from January.

A blog from Microsoft France reveals “We are delighted to share with you that this update will be available for the second half of March through your Zune software.”

As well as bringing new features including copy and paste to Windows Phone, we are being told this major update will make things run faster and more effectively with application start-up becoming much smoother, and this has been proven on a video released from the French division of Microsoft.

This is the update Windows Phone users have been waiting for, which follows the pre-install download blunder that recently bricked a number of Samsung mobile handsets and annoyed a whole lot of users eager to get their hands on the anticipated upgrades.

After a series of pushbacks and setbacks, such as the disabling of handsets, it looks like Microsoft is ready to go, with March 21st as the due date for the Windows Phone update.

Let’s see if Microsoft live up to their promise this time. Having taken so much time out to ensure no further problems hinder the update, we should really expect no more flaw or failing from the company, who claim to be (believe it or not) one of the world leaders in technology!

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