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Microsoft Kinect’s pre orders sell out!

Its less than a month now until Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller system for the Xbox 360 and things are starting to hot up!

Online retailers Amazon, Play and national gaming store GAME have all announced that they have currently sold out of their first batch of pre order stock… which means anyone pre ordering from now will probably not get Kinect on the release day and would have to wait for a re-stock.

Sold Out!

This isn’t unheard of in the gaming industry as many products have been released to stock shortages (were looking at you Nintendo!) but with still three weeks to go there may be time for Microsoft to salvage this and release more stocks, if not then its first come first served and a bit of good ol’ British queuing if you want to get your hands on a Kinect on release day.

If you still want to place your pre-order and hope for the best then Gamestation are still advertising stock (even though they are owned by GAME!) or you can register for a pre order at the stores below:

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