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Microsoft to hold a #MoreLumia Event on 11th November

We have talked a bit in recent weeks about the end of the Nokia branding with the Lumia handsets, as Microsoft have officially take over the Lumia range of Windows smartphones. Since Microsoft’s announcement that they would be dropping the Nokia brand, in favour of Microsoft Lumia we have been waiting for an Official Microsoft Lumia phone to be announced.

Well, MS might have just done this, or at least are getting ready too as the company has just posted a photo of a smartphone corner on its site along with the line “Want to see #MoreLumia?” clearly referring to its own Lumia device.

In the last week we have seen some leaked images of a Microsoft Windows smartphone, which shows off a handset which matches up with the corner of the image shown. Both images share the “Classic”£ Lumia style of bold colours and simple shapes.

The previously leaked images came from the Chinese micros blogging Site Weibo, with a device name of RM-1090, which doesn’t give away much.

Along with the image on Microsoft site, the company explains that “Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone.” Which suggests the companies’ first phone might be a mid-ranged handset instead of a massive Lumia 930 replacement.

The invite is dated for next Tuesday on the 11th of November so we won’t have to wait long to see the new devices, and the first ever Microsoft Lumia smartphone.

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